Lacto Fermentation Workshop

Kokkeskolen: Fermentering Se alle

Lacto Fermentation Workshop
01:41:36 minutter


Join a class in fermentation hosted by Shane Peterson and Søren Ejlersen

We will introduce you to the universe of fermentation! We will look into what fermentation does, the history of fermentation and why it is not common practice (yet) in Denmark. Nothing less than a Masterclass light!

The class will start out with an hour-long presentation covering all areas of fermentation. We will be talking about Kimchi, Kraut (sauerkraut), Kvass and Kombucha.

Next will be a workshop where everyone prepares either a kimchi or a kraut. You will taste the craft and receive recipes and instructions in order for you to repeat the art at home.

Shane Peterson and Søren Ejlersen will take you through an interesting evening. The class is held in English - and possibly a little Danish (Søren speaks Danish). Shane has been working for years with innovation in fermentation. He knows every nook and cranny of the process.

Fermentering er Shane s felt - Her går han helt i dybden sammen med Søren Ejlersen og viser vej i universet.


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